Why Choose Us?

All the marks of a preferred supplier.

You insist on fence and railing components and accessories that are attractive and durable. You would prefer to get more of your parts from one supplier so you have fewer vendors to deal with. Part-to-part consistency—including color—must be impeccable. If the parts have any specific performance advantages, that’s a plus. And of course, pricing has to be right.

Waymark® hits the bull’s-eye on all of these criteria. We provide everything you need to fabricate or construct exceptional PVC fencing and railings (except the rails themselves), right down to the fasteners and specialized field tools. Our product consistency and quality control are renowned in the industry. And our pricing is very competitive, even though many of our products feature exclusive added-value performance advantages.

On top of quality products, you need suppliers you can absolutely depend on. Ones you can trust to deliver the quantities you need when you need them. And if the vendor makes it a pleasure to do business with them, that’s all the better.

Again, Waymark® excels. With more than 10 years in the business, our reputation for delivering consistently exceptional and unusually personable customer service is well-known.