Classic White Post Cap Base with Glass Pearl Post Top

Waypoint™ Style Caps

The pinnacle of style and performance.

Our Waypoint™ style caps program allows you to supply customizable post cap tops to fit classic PVC post caps already available in the extrusion colors you carry. With this program, you can choose your own post cap tops to fit our popular 4” and 5” Classic PVC post caps. Let customers mix and match their selection using our stained glass and metal tops. Waypoint™ gives both you and your customer the flexibility and freedom to offer several combinations of attractive post caps for vinyl fence and railing posts. What’s more, this unique program helps minimize the inventory commitment and cost typically associated with a full offering. Matching solar post caps are also available.

Post Cap Options

Classic PVC post caps fit on 4x4 and 5x5 posts and can be customized through a vast selection of post top options.

Classic PVC Post Caps

4" Classic Post Cap Base

Classic (4")

5" Classic Post Cap Base

Classic (5")

colors available









Post Top Options

Waypoint™ style tops fit 4" and 5" Classic PVC post caps to offer flexibility and freedom in design.

Click on image to view larger size showing stylepoint top on a Classic post cap.

Black Post Top


Copper Post Top


Stainless Post Top


Glass Post Top - Pearl

Glass - Pearl

Glass Post Top - Harvest

Glass - Harvest

Glass Post Top - Forest

Glass - Forest

Glass Post Top - Chestnut

Glass - Chestnut